At What Price Do YOU Become a Seller?


What Is My Home Worth?


Are you a home owner and have ever said “if I got X dollars for my home, I would sell and move to…”?  Many property owners, especially those who bought a house in DC, MD or VA during the last “high market” have probably scratched their heads at one point or another, wishing they could sell because they want to look for Victorian homes on Capitol Hill, high-end DC condos, Colonial homes in Alexandria, Arlington townhouses, single-family homes in Fairfax (you get the point)…for reasons of downsizing, getting married, having children (or more children), etc. Life changes all the time and we all know it can get pretty frustrating not being able to modify our living situations as needed.


Have you checked with a Realtor® what your home is worth on the market lately? At WHAT PRICE do YOU become a seller?

We have heard negative stories about someone the “terrible” market in someone’s DC neighborhood, or how prices have risen everywhere but in someone’s Virginia or Maryland areas…but, when asked if they had actually checked with a licensed Realtor® what the current market value on their homes were, neither of them had! Now, we’re not saying that you’re guaranteed to get surprisingly good news if you do check, but if you don’t check – how will you know?


My report came back fairly close to where I need it to be.  Is there something I can do to increase the value on my home?


But of course, we say with a French accent (just because it’s way more fun to say it that way. C’mon, you know you agree.). There are tons of information out there, whether it’s for staging, renovating, make minor repairs, painting, curb appeal, and CLEANING! Should I stage my house to sell? Well, this is something you need to decide, but while you’re thinking about it, throw this in the hat to consider. Cleaning?  Well, that’s kind of silly.  Of COURSE I keep my house clean, you say.  But, remember, you were a buyer once.  Did you look with critical eyes at every detail of the homes you visited?  If you were a first-time buyer, you most likely did.  We get so used to our homes – we do see them every day, after all - We tend to not see all the things that other people do.  Here are some great tips from the American Cleaning Institute!  Remember, your DC Realtor® can also do a walk-through and suggest what needs to be done to get the best result!


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